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I've got some problems with editing my login script (Login script made for: my gamemode)

This is the code I'm using. The error I get is when I try to click on the edit, the cursor inside the edit isn't showing and I can't write in it...

    createCharacterWindowNameEdit = guiCreateEdit (0.475, 0.095, 0.475, 0.065, "", true, createCharacterWindow) 
        guiEditSetMaxLength (createCharacterWindowNameEdit, 15) 
        guiSetProperty (createCharacterWindowNameEdit, "AlwaysOnTop", "True") 



Thanks, Cornelis.

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I found your problem, you set the "AlwaysOnTop" property to the character name label as well, which is overlaping the edit.

Remove this:

guiSetProperty (createCharacterWindowNameLabel, "AlwaysOnTop", "True") 

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