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AAAAAAHHHHH can't join a game i host.Only see credits HELP

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AAAAAAHHHHH can't join a game i host.Only see credits HELP. i tried things the F A Q said but non of it worked. it said " it means your client didn't find a game header. Click on the "send game request" button in MTA. " BUT I DON"T HAVE A SEND GAME REQUEST BUTTON. so i'm at a lost, so help me with as much info you can. :evil::evil::evil:

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OK i don't get all of that. i do start the server and then the game but the only option i have is to " start a multi player game" or somthing, nothing about joining or headers?

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In your GTA3 folder, run MTAServer.exe, then go into the launcher as normal and click "Start Multi Theft Auto" and start, when in credits alt+tab out, click "Send Game Request" then alt+tab back to game, in a few seconds your game will start.

You may get an error that says "Another Client Connected From The Same IP Address" in that case its ****ed and theres nothing you can do about it, either join another server or play Single Player GTA.

I advise you buy Vice City and play that, it works much better and the game is more enjoyable than GTA3 is.

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