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Server Issue

Guest Sirhumpsalot

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I apologize if this doesn't belong on this forum, or on the forums at all, if this is in the wrong forum could a moderator please move it? Thank you in advance.

Anyway, on to the issue at hand, I'm running a FreeBSD server, and the latest Linux binary doesn't seem to work on my server, is there anyway possible that a free bsd binary could be compiled? Or is there a fix that I am over looking, thank your once again in advance.

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Changing operating systems isn't really an option for me, I don't own the box, nor do I have physical access to it. Also regarding the Linux compatibility, I believe that is only if I have the source, so I would be able to use the 'make' function. If it helps this is the error I receive when I try to run it from the shell.

[sirhumpsalot@alpha:~/mta]$ ./MTAServer

./MTAServer: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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This sounds like you have a problem with your "sys-libs/lib-compat" library or it is not installed at all.

I quoted this from another posting I made about that error.

The release _should_ be compatible with FreeBSD, assuming you have the properly installed libraries.

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To Rob, I wasn't asking for the source, I was merely stating that FreeBSD can compile it, and I as a software developer myself realize that you wouldn't release it.

To Cray, I will search for the libraries, and let you know what happens.

Once again thank you for the help.

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