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Noob Weapons???


Are there Noob/Cheap weapons in MTA? a vote for a weapon is a Yes  

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  1. 1. Are there Noob/Cheap weapons in MTA? a vote for a weapon is a Yes

    • Spas
    • M60
    • Moltov
    • Grenade
    • Chainsaw
    • Stubby Shotgun/Regular Shotgun
    • M4
    • HeliBlades
    • No, the only cheap weapons are the illegal weapons
    • Cars
    • Flamethrower

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I have done a search on this topic and it has been addressed many times. I didn't ever find a topic where it has been discussed specifically. There was a suggestion about a mod to turn certain weaps off and arguements about what weapons should be allowed in a gang war. The closest thing was about what your favorite character is and this came up.

I have heard the term noob weapons in irc, chat in the game and this forum. I have also heard people complain that someone was cheap when they killed someone. I think this is a topic everyone has an opinion on.

Now for mine, I think the weapons in this game are well thought out. The only way to get perfect balance between characters would be to only allow one weapon. Imo, there is no such thing as a cheap way to kill someone or a noob weapon. The spas is argueably the most powerful weapon in MTA but it is hard to get without a chopper and it is rarely seen. I don't bother to get it my self but I am pleased when I can pick it up from someone else.

I think if you want an even game you should play atari boxing, boring. I use everthing from terrain to weapons an vehicles to my advantage. I never use the heli and only sometimes mainly when joining a battle do I hit people with the car.

It may be more manly to kill someone with a bat, but for me? If you are not cheating you should be able to kill however you want without being called any names. Am I wrong?

Please try to stay on topic

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Good point, I think they are in the same category but I have separated them for you. I was trying to keep the list small but I kept thinking of other things. So your vote is for just heliblades. i am shocked that stubby was voted ahead of spas by someone. prolly cause the stubby is more heavily used.

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I dunno the spaz is a bad ass weapon when it's used by a shot gun player. but I don't find it to be a newb weapon it's takes a bit of skill to use. I've taken it form more players then been killed by it. plus I don't see it very often since the new place ment of it.

edit cheap on the other hand when overly abused

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flamethrower doesnt have much of a range, but the spas is definitly the cheapest. so much so, that there is somewhat an unwritten rule among people that it is not to be used.

it's cheap because with the sawed off shotty you cant turn while firing, but you have free movement with the spas, combined with the speed, makes it nearly impossible to survive once in range.

other than that, i think that heli blades are a legit source of a kill, because it takes some skill to swoop in, and it isn't impossible to dodge. ( i actually have fun dodging and shooting a swooping copter)

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I think if any of the weapons, except illegal ones, should be toned down, it should be the spas. Yes I know that, thats how its in the game and it shouldn't be changed, or stop whining because they left it in and it kills. I think the rate of fire should be slowed down a bit, either that, or increase the speed of people getting up from getting knocked down. Someone who gets knocked down, can watch helplessly as their enemy calmly walks up to them and gets in position while you slowly crawl up and then stand, *BOOM* your dead. I think if anything knocked down players should be granted Sanctuary for like 3 seconds after they get up, to at least make a run for it...

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i think the list should be ordered differently; cars and heli blades arent weapons, they're means of transportation. they cant be omitted from mta. "illegal" weapons, dont enter the game until a cheater is ingame, and i voted based on a fair game-assumption, so i didnt factor in the minigun and such. imo, the spaz shotgun sucks.

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Bah no weapon is cheap or n00bish they all have there advantages and disadvantages anyone moaning of a cheap kill or calling ppl n00bs are jus crap at the game ;) i mean how else can u kill someone with a shotgun without running around dodging bullets gettin upclose and spraying them, ? jus like the m60, what chance do u have up close n personal with it ?? none so u shoot from a safe distance, the only weapon i must say is well overpowered is the spas.

Keepin it Short

If u die u die what difference does it make if the guy was ballet dancing around you than shot u in the ass ?! a kill is a kill !

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I voted for illegal weapons... it does suck to be killed by spas or chopper blades but they are legit weps and the chopper blade thing isn't all that easy to pull off (well not for me anyways)

If it's available ingame then it's neither cheap nor noobish in my opinion.

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I had to vote for spas, it's way too easy to dominate with that weapon. In the hands of someone with even a small amount of skill they can be unstoppable in close combat. I just want to elaborate on what KFG said, I believe the reason you don't see it much is because most people have what I call a "Silent Agreement". Let's say you use the weapon and you die, would you want everyone in the area with such an powerful and imo unbalanced(at least in multiplayer) weapon? I think not, I have enough trouble killing the 56k's with pings in the 500's as is, why should I aid them by letting them pick up my spas? This is just my opinion though..

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well I voted for illegal weapons because first of all, if someone has a mingun, they might as well have a trainer aswell so if you try getting the hell away for them, they'll just follow you with a jetpack and kill you with it, and another reason i hate illegal weapons is the teargas, it just makes laggy shit and blocks out the screen with smoke so u cant see wtf is going on! :evil:

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