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Progress (17/12/2003 @ 18:10 CET) by MTA team


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  • MTA Team

As most people have seen, the progress counter has moved a bit in the last couple of days. We are making great progress on GTA3:MTA.

We also hope to see the first round based team driven game modes in the upcoming release. If it makes it in, it will probably be the long awaited Capture The Car game mode.

And here is the first teaser :wink:


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As much as I love mta I am sad that the most progress has been made in GTA3

Who said most progress has been made in gta3? It's merely looking likely to be the next version ready for release, this doesnt mean foundation progress hasnt been made for the next mtavc, merely that it is under wraps for now. Never forget we have a large team now, plenty of people to work on both versions.

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