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Thargore's Uncut Stunt Compilation

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Hey All!

I was bored, so I recorded the remaining fragments I had laying around and flapped them together. So don't mind the editing, it's just a compilation of clips (though I did strap some music to it).

Anyways, the hardcore stunters will appreciate the stunts. My flip onto the stadium is in it, didn't see that one before.

So anyways, I put it on my FTP for you to watch. It's only 6,57mb so that shouldnt be a problem.

Thanks to wartech for the hostage:

Rightclick here -> 'Save as' to download

You can also try my FTP if ya want. It's fast and reliable, but I dont have it up 24/7, so it could be down..

Rightclick here -> 'Save as' to download

So hope you enjoy it. Critic is fine, as long as it aint "bad editing" or something, cause it's uncut ;-P

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