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St. Patricks Day is soon!, get your official KungFu Apparel


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/me got insulted

/me looked at MrBill.com

doh, stupid brain

Truth be told KungFuGrip is a replacement of the hands on GI Joe dolls. It let GI Joe hold things instead of having solid strait hands. I just like the name. In my research I have found a band and a map mod for another game both called KungFuGrip.

Turns out there is another KFC too.


Get your KungFu clothes while they last

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No joke my friend.

And that special someone won't think it's funny when she doesn't get that KF apparel she craves this Valentines day.

Remember you have to pay to play and nothing helps you spend less bucks for your f*cks than KungFu clothing

No C.O.D. shipping available to 49 states

Sorry Wyoming :wink:

For a limited time only:

Buy one get one at the regular price or

Buy 2 for 150% each and the third is free!!!!!

KungFu does not guarntee that this will get you laid but it can't hurt

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  • MTA Team

lmao... everyone hates Wyoming, but Wisconsin should be the one excluded. I mean ffs thats where Bartleby and Loki are doomed to spend all eternity in the movie Dogma. I mean thats how lame it is. It is worse than hell...

anyways, I'll take up your 2 for 150%, get 1 free deal... you take monopoly money?


I hope so because saving bucks for my f*cks sounds good :D




WHAT! No deal?!?! Come on, I'll even throw in Boardwalk!


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