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A made a small movie which shows our actors that we are going to use. These actors will be the other online players! So we do work guys ;)

download it here (and if u can mirror, be my guest :P)


Mirror thanks to RISO:

Hosted @ http://www.chrisbitz.com/


Mirror thanks to Delphino

Hosted @ http://www.gamechexx.net/

http://www.gamechexx.net/downloads/mta0 ... gress2.avi

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i have a great idea for a clip in the next movie:

2 people are racing don the subways, neck in neck, then they see a train coming right at them, so player 1 puts the peddle to the metal and pulls ahead of player2, narrowly missing a brutal collision with the train.

i think that captures the spirit of multiplayer gta pretty well, and it would impress people seeing the mod for the first timne (which a lot of people are right now, thanks to slashdot)

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