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The Bloody Unstoppible Malitia, or BUM is a growing clan that is dedicated to kicking ass in the Multi Theft Auto game. The Clan is small but it is growing rapidly and it owns some of the best players in the game. Anyone is free to become a bum, but you need to pass the Trials first. If you wish to attempt the trials you must first see one of the Leaders, [bUM] Vercetti, [bUM] Death or [bUM] Epitah who are frequently on the dedicated MTA Server:


The other clans on the server have a lot more people than BUM does, clans like [R] and TAKU just recruit anyone they see and because of this, they have ended up in mediocrity. Unlike [R] or TAKU, BUM has a Quality, not Quantity measure that ensures that BUM is the superior team and that we are not a team of losers like [R] and TAKU.

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