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I am going to kill myself


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I had a collection of about 10 or so stunts that were just increadible, stunts so superly insane i couldn't even dream about doing them again. One was 5000 degree rotation, and the rest were combos of grinds and spins all just stunts that blow the mind.

I used a replay manager to collect them all into my user files until i realised that i can't play the replays at all and the button i used to record them just overwrote each one.

You just don't understand how INCREADIBLE these stunts were, gone forever, stunts once so fucking good no so fucking gone.

sorry for the spam, it was eating my insides i had to get it out :roll:

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Yeah, I do the same thing. I even screwed up when I was tryin to frap my vid as well.. You know when u press f3 to preview the replay well I always watch the replay first without frapping then I do it again with frapping. Well when I went to hit f3 I accidently hit f2 :oops: that just sux. :x

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