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Mafia, my 5th video in 5 days

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that really sucked, get overself and making those corny themed vids, sure once is ok, twice is sort of pushing your luck unless its better, but 5 in as many days and as many hours put into it is just ludicrious no one wants to see that shit more then once. :roll:

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First of all.. take some time on ur videos. If you try that you will come out with something better.

Think of a video like "art" can u make good art in 1-2 days? Well, its possible but for a good looking piece of "art" you should be spending more time with it, add the details, think about what ur syncing, think of some more ideas to play around with for the video.

Your video definitely wasn't my favorite and one of the well, worst I have seen. I think the parts that really ruined it had to of been when u were just shooting at people when u couldn't even see the gun shot... just u standing there with 3 other guys. :(

If your planning on makin another "themed" video or any other type of video please... please.. take more time on it.


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dude, dont be so harsh on those vids. Theyre a good break from stunting videos, I thought alot of them were pretty funny ((AT TIMES))

I don't think anyone is being harsh, just honest. I've seen many Vids that aren't stunt related that were awesome, but this one just doesn't do it for me. What part(s) was /were funny because I wanted to laugh at something other then how crappy it was. Quality over quantity. :D I think you might have potential to make a likeable vid if you just work on them alot more.

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like i said man, you have the editing skills, you should use them to make an actual story. this one wasnt your best vid, but i do enjoy the themes.

Get some voice actors, build up some stock footage, plan a storyboard, and you can make the very first machinamation for vice city! it would be something more than just another stunt vid (which i do enjoy, when they are not using cheats) if you want help with the story/dialouge, I am volenteering, as i am sure many people would.

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it took me a little while to understand what was going on with the red circles, I didn't like that idea at all go with the in game shot of in the scope like you did before, the music was good fit perfect, after the red cirlce part of the money it was good, I like the differant ideas you had.


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