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POTD (12/12/2003 @ 13:17 CET) by Webmaster


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  • MTA Team

As many of you have noticed, the Picture Of The Day has been removed from the site. This due to a low amount of submissions. We have received nice pictures in the past but some people seemed to miss the point of the POTD. You do not have to submit yourself driving in a car on an empty road. The POTD is designed to submit remarkable pictures of something strange or funny that you don’t usually see in the game.

The POTD will probably return on the next site version but may return in the form of a POTW. People can therefore still submit there pictures to potd@mtavc.com . However, I stress again that pictures need to be in jpg, gif or png and not in bmp. One mail I received once contained 6 pictures in BMP format with a files size of 1.2MB each.

I hope that when the potd (or potw) returns that the number of mails containing a pic will become bigger than the number of mails containing spam .

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You should make a php-script for submitting.

This would allow you to limit filesize and filetype, and to limit/convert picture dimensions.

If you need any assistance, I'd be glad to help - just mail me :-)

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