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it comes out the one day that i dont get home until late :cry:

oh well... i guess il miss the rush hour :)

how fast are the downloads going for you guys? slow fast etc.

anyone play it yet? tell me what ya think :)

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Took a spin in liberty city with a pcj after fighting with so much lagg near places like the airport and a few other spots i got bored of it :( so gtawo=uninstalled allready hehe no fun with out mp part gota have players to explore with its a shame it dont work with mta

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lol... the MTA team don't wanna support them, they're hardly gonna turn around and do it unofficially are they?
hehe didnt mean it that way:) was meaning maybe someone who realy likes liberty city could prossibly take the mod and convert it to work with mta so it would not be official from the devs but it would still be around the enernet :)
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in portland the most paths are working fine for me but on the other islands the traffic is driving thru houses and stuff, sometimes even flying.

once i crashed at airport but exept of that i never experienced lag.

its just hard to get a new vehicle after u died so mostly i start a new game then.

btw, i was offroad in shoresidevale and there was a ped with a sanchez and i thought it would be nice to have some offroad paths, i mean its a bit senseless that all dirtbikes are driving on the road.

it would be very funny to see a dirtbiker in the hills, shoot their bike and watch them panic-offroading at full speed :lol:

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We Fixed the airport Crash thought we would let you no

Open up data/gta3maps/landsw/landsw.ipl Comment out the lines



3147, airpshadows01, -1268.43, -841.328, 12.1666, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1


#3150, airpshadows04, -1486.01, -859.113, 10.0961, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1

#3151, airpshadows05, -1255.59, -807.726, 10.0981, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1


...by placing a # in front of them. This way, the game won't load them, but they'll still be in your IMG for later when we correct the problem

thnx to skidz for finding this

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  • MTA Team

For all the hype of GTAWO I didn't really care much. Didn't expect much, and it wasn't much. Waited about 5 days after I downloaded it to play it, played it once, haven't played it since. Just not intrested.

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