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hi guys i have problem with connect to mysql :

function getMySQLconnection() 
    MySQlc= dbConnect( "mysql", "dbname=Khodja;host=", "username", "password", "share=1" ) 
    if MySQlc then  
        outputDebugString ( "Server is now connected with the MySQL database!") 
        exports.TNSDxChatBox:CreatDxChatBoxForPlayer(root, "Server is now connected with the MySQL database!", 0,255,0) 
        return true 
        exports.TNSDxChatBox:CreatDxChatBoxForPlayer(root, "Connection with the MySQL database failed!", 255,0,0) 
        outputDebugString ( "Connection with the MySQL database failed!" ) 
        return false 
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), getMySQLconnection ) 

Error : MySQl/mysql.lua line:2: dbConnect failed; Host 'DELL-PC' is not allowed to connect to this Mysql database server 

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oh that's no good. could you connect before? did you remove the root account before adding a new one? is the mysql server running on the same server as the php server with phpMyAdmin? windows or linux?

windows 7 but now i change Mysql config it's work with but with localhost/phpMyAdmin don't work

You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server. 


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ah ok

that doesnt have to be a problem, but if you want it fixed there's two possibilities that may cause the problem:

1) your dns server doesnt resolve localhost right; to fix:

open start menu and type notepad, then right-click on it and run as admin

then choose Open file from notepad and put this in the box for the file name and press enter:


then choose Show all files and then pick "hosts"


then manually add to the end of the file       localhost 

and save and check if it works

if theres another entry for localhost but the ip is not or ::1 write it down and remove it and maybe investigate if it wasnt added by a virus

2) the config of your webserver program somehow blocks the use of that hostname

but this is probably not it and its pretty advanced

troll spoiler

actually that localhost thing may be the very cause that you got that error of "Host 'DELL-PC' is not allowed to connect to this Mysql database server" in the first place. is that solved now? I think you should really check your host file (step 1) and check if it doesnt weirdly resolve to your external ip or an internal network ip

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