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BUG? Problemz winXP (very strange...)


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i'v just place on the general discussion, but noone answer,

wishing is the right place...

got winxp , a burton 3000, ati9600 etc etc.

install vicecity and mta 0.2.2.

all seems be right, i connect to the server(lan 2 player 2 pc the other is win2k),i can start the game, can chose my player, but when i enter the game the game is "different" from the other pc, and i can see that 'cos i don't recive the server msg like ("welcome in my server etc...."). i can send msg to the server (and see them on the other player) and recive msg too... just is "another" city.

i'v run the program with all compatibility with w2k, i'v try to set almost every kind of permission to trough the network, thinking that could be a problem of that sukz win XP.

i'v try with server on both pc, i'v try with the same pc and connect trought the but got the same problem!

really dunno what to do.

PS: i'v tried with 1.0 and 1.1 vc, and 0.2.0 and 0.2.2 mta.

nothing change.



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will, i don't think ur he smartest person around here, because it is a barton cpu not burton, also the place you start in the game depends on the career you choose and you need to set an motd before you can see one in game and don't forget to bring up the chatbow when you chat

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ok sorry for my english!!!

perhaps you don't understand what i mean.

pc1(w2k) "bill" :

start server

start client


start game

enter MTA

(get msg)

chose player

it's on and all right

pc2(wxp) "ben" :

start client


start game

enter MTA

(don'tget msg)

can chose player, i'm in a VC but i'm in another city respect PC1

ben cannot see bill and bill cannt see ben.

for exemple the time of the 2 city is different.

both pc can talk, and i read it's normal cos chat and game are different sistem, simply the winxp pc is out of the server game. this happen else if i start server on the wxp pc. guess is a problem of wxp

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Does MTA say the XP box connected in the server window or not? (Client connected message) If It doesn't there is something stopping it from connecting to the win 2000 machine what it is may remain a mystery. But as you said the machines can talk to each other. So a connection must be able to be made.

To me it sounds like one of the required ports are being blocked. That's why I suggested I could be a firewall in place. But since you say there is no firewall, I at a loss to what it could be at the moment. sorry. :?

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i'v try to connect to "" and doesnt work.. now try with "localhost".

with another pc last month worked with normal ip address.

and on the pc with w2k if i create a server and connect(either alone) with it works.

i try and i post again... tnx

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i'v try and doesn't work.

in my opinion winxp block some port or some other stuff used by the level of the "game", (i read u say that are 2 level 1 for chat and 1 for game) but not by firewall 'cos i'v didnt find any firewall on the lan settings. but dunno what to think, on the normal and advance settings firewall is off...

2 level use both 2003 port? or ther's some other port for internal communication (server-game)?

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