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Requesting function help.


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Hi guys,

I need a clientside function that creates a dxText using parameters, for example:

function dxText(string text, local time)


string text = the text of the dxDrawtext.

local time = the time, in milliseconds for setTimer until the text disappears.

Basically, the function creates a dxDrawText for a specified time.


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I can actually make it myself, but I don't know why that thing isn't working. Once I know what's the error in the following code, I will be able to make what I mentioned above.

function outPutFunc(string text) 
outputChatBox ( text ) 


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use this ban example and try to fix it

function announceBan( theBan ) 
    if getElementType( source ) then --Check if a player banned the IP/Serial 
        outputChatBox( getPlayerName( source ) .. " banned " .. ( getBanSerial(theBan) or getBanIP(theBan) ) ) --Output to the chatbox saying the player has banned the IP/Serial 
addEventHandler( "onBan", root, announceBan ) --Adds the event handler for 'onBan' and must be bound to root 

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All I wanted to know.

How do I make a bool parameter inside a function?

As far as I see when writing a LUA function there is no need to specifcy whether the parameter is a string ot int, but what when it comes to bool?

It's exactly the same.

local variable = 2; 
print( type( variable ) ); -- 'number' 
variable = "Something is wrong over there..."; 
print( type( variable ) ); -- 'string' 
variable = true; 
print( type( variable ) ); -- 'boolean' 

In Lua, you can change variable types by simply changing to a value of the type you want. In C++, for example, the type of the variables are "constant" - they're set at compile time and you can't change them at runtime ( well, actually you can but you might lose precision ).

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Nevermind, got this already.

However, I tried to make the function that I wanted:

function dxText( text, timer ) 
    setTimer ( function() 
    dxDrawText ( .... ) 
    end, timer, 1 ) 

dxGameText("Text test", 2000) 

But the text shows only after the specificed time and then disappears right away...

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