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Problem WinXP (very very strange!)

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wishing is the right place...

got winxp , a burton 3000, ati9600 etc etc.

install vicecity and mta 0.2.2.

all seems be right, i connect to the server(lan 2 player 2 pc the other is win2k),i can start the game, can chose my player, but when i enter the game the game is "different" from the other pc, and i can see that 'cos i don't recive the server msg like ("welcome in my server etc...."). i can send msg to the server (and see them on the other player) and recive msg too... just is "another" city.

i'v run the program with all compatibility with w2k, i'v try to set almost every kind of permission to trough the network, thinking that could be a problem of that sukz win XP.

i'v try with server on both pc, i'v try with the same pc and connect trought the but got the same problem!

really dunno what to do.

PS: i'v tried with 1.0 and 1.1 vc, and 0.2.0 and 0.2.2 mta.

nothing change.



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are you trying to use 1 pc as a dedicated server and one for playing? but using a router for both pc's? If so I think you'll have some major sync issues. The only thing I can think of is maybe trying a ip packet tunnel but they can be a pain in the ass to setup if your not familiar with all your network settings. Try winroute.. I've had some luck with packet forwarding and ip tunneling using that. BTW.. are you beehind a nat (networ address translation firewall)?

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for cray :

nothing different, is just 2 installation, no MOD, and two 1.1 crack(i'v try with 1.0too)

for Chewd :

i guess isn't a good solution... isn't a problem of sinch... it's simply 2 city...:)

for VCP DeathB :

i'm very very sorry...! BWT is the tirdh post :P if u want close all and just take one open! no problem forme.. sorry again! was firts time on this forum and dunno where to post..!

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