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MYSQL problem with result


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Hello everyone. I've got a problem with mysql. After several hours of my server working, I getting problem "bad argument #1 to 'mysql_fetch_assoc' (mysqlResult expected, got nil)"


local result = mysql_query ( database ,"SELECT * FROM `accounts` WHERE `name` = '"..getPlayerName(source).."' LIMIT 1") 
local row = mysql_fetch_assoc(result) 

Can anyone help me?

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Try checking first if result is not nil (or false)
if result then 
row = mysql_fetch_assoc(result) 

That won't solve the problem, that will just make mysql_fetch_assoc be called if the query was sucessful.

True, but this was the problem, wasn't this?

Well, I guess he wants to know why is him getting that problem, not how to "by-pass" it.

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The error is "mysql_query failed: (2006) MySQL server has gone away". As I mentioned this error means, that connection with database failed. So, I changed code:

result = mysql_query ( database ,"SELECT * FROM `accounts` WHERE `name` = '"..getPlayerName(source).."' LIMIT 1") 
    if not result then  
        if mysql_errno(database) == 2006 then 
            outputDebugString("mysql_query failed: (" .. mysql_errno(database) .. ") " .. mysql_error(database)) 
            mysql_close ( database ) 
            database = mysql_connect(...) 
            result = mysql_query ( database ,"SELECT * FROM `accounts` WHERE `name` = '"..getPlayerName(source).."' LIMIT 1") 

This code is good?

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yes, but you may want to consider opening the connection every time before a block of queries and closing it when you're done, together with the freeing of the result (as opposed to creating the sql connection just on resource start for example)

mysql just isn't made for persistent connections

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