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cop spikes and C+R

Guest DefChaz

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I don't know how realistic this suggestion is but here goes.

You make an incentive for people to hold up stores. It would accumulate money like in single player, but anyone thats chosen to be a copper, gets a blip on their radar that tells them there's a robbery in progress. Hopefully every copper will home on the location, and if they catch the robber they'd get the money they stole? Its limited only by imagination.

Recently I've got bored with random killings, so I've set up speed traps and chased speeders lol. Would it be possible to launch spikes across roads?

Would be sweet :)

Keep up the good work


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Its limited only by imagination.

If that were only true. They did imagine people would use search but I guess not. They have manhunt as a script and that could be carried over to your theme.

Spikes is a great idea but I think it is undoable, but hell I would have said MTA is undoable so what do I know.

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Spike strips would be awesome.

Levels of policing would be different too.

like level one: Constable (you drive police car)

level two: Agent (you drive FBI or unmarked car)

and possibly even drive the Pattywagon with criminals in the back, i know thats taking it way too far. but you get the idea...

or even chasing suspects in the hunter and blowing them off the road lolz

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I don't know, for lamers like me spikes would just be one more thing to harrass people with. Half the time I play I just go around running people over, then getting the hell out, just constantly harrassing them.

I agree with NeCrOn. he is a lamer :lol:

couldn't resist.

He does run from car to car

People like staying in those cars. They must like the radio station but somepeople never get out and fight, kinda annoying. Like I said above I doubt it can be done but I would love spike strips.

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