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|4:20| looking for original "fake radio commercials"

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|4:20| is going to be broadcasting a New Years Eve countdown/playlist and we need your help!

We're looking for creative and funny "fake commercials" ala Vice City style to play between songs. We're also going to be giving away prizes for most original, funny, etc (although don't get your hopes up for anything very expensive ;) Prizes will be awarded based on votes... the voting will take place during the first week of 2k4 - after the broadcast.

So if you by chance have any "fake" radio commercials that you have created, or if you have some extra time on your hands and want to create something, drop on by our website for more information:


Also be sure to tune in NYE if you're near a computer that night... we'll be sure to entertain ;)

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yeah, perhaps... Although I figured that those with vid skillZ would also have the software and know-how to create a decent sound clip...

No offense to any posters, but in all the other forums the types of questions asked imply that these people are lucky that they can turn on a computer, let alone install MTA. I just figured if I posted it in this forum, most people I'm talking to KNOW what to do...

Feel free to move this post Mr. Moderators, but again I stick by my story that this is the best place ;)

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just to back up what crUshed says guys, this is a hell of a lot of fun to do and also to listen to what the others are making.

Im working on my section right now.

Even if you dont want to participate, its still a great thing to tune into. See you NYE

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just to let you know ive beenn giving a preview of the broadcast and its pretty damn good.

420 went to great lentghs to make this entertaining for everyone regardless of the music you listen too.

there are also alot of funny, funny, bits.

but what else would you expect from a bunch of stoners right?

hope to see you there.


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