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GTAVC christmas sales protest

Does Vice City make you violent?  

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  1. 1. Does Vice City make you violent?

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    • No
    • I was already violent (That's why I like Vice City)
    • Who cares

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wow, activists protest video game, thats new.


Video games cause violence?!?!? why didn't anyone tell me that?!?!. Now I'm violent, and It's all Rockstars fault! i wish someone would have warned me, These people are providing an incredible public service! I only wish they told me this before I started playing super mario.


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Well, I wasn't violent (even after playing all four GTAs) until I read that article. Now I feel an urge to harm spokespersons for ethnically based foundations. In fact, since that article caused me to feel violent, I should sue a jello factory. Yeah, that's right - I said jello factory. That makes about as much sense as all this "let's sue the game company because we didn't raise our kids worth a crap" bullshit.

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it comes down to lack of faith in other peoples judgement. these protest groups are convinced that they know better than all the people who have or will ever purchase violent video games.

in this case, it's not the violence that they are concerned about, but the "racism". it is their beleif that having you kill haitian or cuban gangs is an encouragement to persecute these peoples. what they don't realise, is that vice city takes place in an era where there were gangs seperating themselves by their backgrounds and/or origins, so having these gangs in the game is merely for producing the atmosphere of that era. (which they do oh so well)

do they propose that the gangs to be called "the multiculture pals"? or how about "the non-discriminatory-yet-still-really-tough-and-mean-in-other-ways gang"?

lecture over

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Americans are cocky for a reason... 8)

Anyway, i think the only people that are effected by video games are idiots that weren't raised worth crap, and probably saw there mom and dad all of about 5 times between the ages 6 and 13.

Why don't people claim that stuff we don't like is causing them to kill people? I mean honestly, I want to see some people start complaining that the fact that they have to PAY for GSA and File Planet caused them to kill people, or the fact that now there are 45 minutes of commercials in an hours worth of TV caused them to go insane and go on a rampage.

The greatest thing of all will be when people start taking responsibility for there own actions. Rockstar didn't put a gun in anyones hand, point it at people, and pull the trigger while knowing the entire time that most likely the person would die.

Just start killing people who kill others, no questions asked, no time for explinations, then maybe we will stop getting this BS.

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i dont know man, those comercial :o with ya, i mean comon. all we have these days is people like that dell guy getting on with annoying voices screaming buy this buy that, it does make u wanna go insane :)

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only americans are influenced by video games and films n music, shud just ban everything from there :!:

are you aware that most of the "video games and films n music", COME from here? (dont answer that, its rhetorical) japan does some games too, but the music and films are primarily american. they will NEVER (generally speaking) be banned here. period.

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I remember when I got GTA2 (ah, those were the days), I also got a music CD with it that had sum interactive software for the PC on it. Popping it into my PC, the things that stick in my head is the sort of flashback thing that appeared on its autoplay, the Intro sequence, it contained sum words and more importantly, the voices in the background... of politcians arguing over GTA and games like it, and hey, all the voices I heard were these Snobby private school English fogies the spend all day arguing over meaningless things... including stuff like GTA, Gun Crime, Nuclear Power (wich in fact i reckon we, as a nation, should bloody well keep coz its the best damn sort of power we have) and Rolf Harris (apparently he's a bad influence coz his Digereedoo looks like a Rocket Launcher, heh!) People should not be blinded by the facts, i let my 6 year old brother on Vice City all the time and when Crimble coms round, hes gonna play Manhunt, wich is possible getting "BANNNNNNED" next year.

ANY WAY, GTA IS A SCOTTISH GAME!! IT ORIGINATED IN DUNDEE WITH A TEAM OF 16 PEOPLE!! it might be in America now, but R*North moved to Leith, only half an hour from my house.

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He is right you know and furthermore, Bill Gates is originally from North Berwick. Neil Armstrong, (first man on the moon) was from Linlithgow. Thomas edison and the wright bros were from all from Joppa. Jonas Salk and Alexander Graham Bell were from Dunbar.

Thanks for pointing that out Burro it was long overdue.

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hmmm funny how none of those people became famous before they came to the USA... coincidence? I think not! lol :lol::wink:

Seems like most countries in the world hate America until American dollars start rolling around (hmm does FRANCE come to mind?).

Lets just say this, most European countries would be speaking German or Russian today if it weren't for the USA.

Can't we all just get along and forget nationalities and definitely not blame some ones nationality on a problem?

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this is so stupid they can't catch binladen alothugh they did get saddam :D:D but ne wasy s they can't catch the real porblem so they pin it on something else something HARMLESS maybe if people wwere violent because of games it's because they are raised by whitetrash alchohaulics and were gonna be mass murderers anyways! why don't people think? oh i played VC i'm gonna goto the hatians and kill them! :D:D wow like thats ever gonna happen i dunno why i put smiles anyways yeah and i'm gonna goto cuba and kill cubans becasue i played it in a agame be sides the people who play these games until its a facotr in their desctition making are usallly to fat and lazy to even lift a gun or machete so like that will ever happen so juyst give it up let peopel share mp3's and keep VC and you can go get rid of the real problem : you

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