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What do you press to get out of GTAVC when GTA/MTA crashes?

What do you press to get out of GTAVC when GTA/MTA crashes?  

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  1. 1. What do you press to get out of GTAVC when GTA/MTA crashes?

    • Control + Alt + Delete
    • Alt + F4
    • Alt + Tab
    • Control + Escape
    • Press/Mash the Enter Key
    • Press/Mash the Space Bar Key
    • Press/Mash The Windows Key
    • Another Combination/Method Not Listed

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  • MTA Team

I have found that there are a few combinations, sometimes if you press the wrong one you can lose control entirely meaning you have to restart your computer lol...

Vote for the combination you try first and also say which combo you think is the best.

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  • MTA Team

lol bill, thats usually what I do

(Caution, dramatized re-enactment)

"Ok it froze... lets try alt+tab"

"SHIT! It didn't work"

"Ok ok lets try pressing enter a bunch of times"


"Ok lets just try ALL the combinations"


"Ok lets mash them ALL together"

*Computer Reboot Triggered*


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i really smashed so hard i got once 20 crashes then first i press enter if that dont work i press ctrl+alt+del and maybe if that dont work i trew my keyboard away or break it in two peaces.

thats what i do sometimes

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wassa with ctrl + esc?

i just mash esc... it does the trick VERY good.

and if not i mesh enter... if that doesnt work i mash everything...

IF that not works i restart...

and if THAT doesnt work i kick my computer

AND IF THAT not working i unplug the computer

and finnaly if THAAAAAT dont work i wake up... :lol:

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I hit escape twice, the computer beeps the second time and then I hit the spacebar to press the Close button on the hidden error message. People using windows error reporting may have to hit enter/space more times than others. :wink:

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when you hear the "bling" noise, it means the little message to close vc is open. If you press Enter, it should click "Ok" even though you can't see it. Then VC will close all the way, and you can reconnect using MTA. I always use enter, and if that doesn't work, normally ctrl-alt-del works.

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I ALWAYS use Ctrl+Alt+Del. Wow! I'm surprised with the poll!

I've found that window's bloody Dr. Watson kicks in, if I don't stop the crashed exe fast enough. Screw that. I don't want Dr. Watson putting HUGE files on my machine when I don't need them... Bloody Win2k! :wink:

I'll give blokkers 2x enter a go and see if Dr. Watson still comes up...

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