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Moderators and users, please read: handling of threads


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I have a concern regarding locking threads on the MTA Forums.

I know I do not have any control here, which is why I am throwing this out as an open, public statement (and as such, if any people agree or disagree with certain points, let me know as to in/exclude them). This is not by any means a demand, although I - as well as many other forumers - would appreciate the respect to be heard.

During my use of the MTA Forums I have noticed that moderators seem to lock many threads as soon as they are answered or if they have no direct relevence to the forum (instead of moving / making a statement). I understand when locking threads can be necessary, such as in flame wars and the like, but the amount that it occurs on the MTA Forums is staggering, to say the least.

I have, over the course of my use of MTA Forums, noticed some threads that were locked because admins gave the answers. Giving the answer is okay, but is there any need to lock the thread afterwards? Doing so prohibits replies or afterthought from a non-moderator, and can actually increase the amount of new threads by stopping opportunity to reply (and, of course, the direct result is spawning more useless threads). I believe the current tactic of "lock and let die" is actually creating more confusion and chaos of repeated threads than not locking them would.

I believe handling of threads that ask questions and give general information should not, in general, include locking. Perhaps a feasable solution would be a statement by a moderator or user, maybe the posters question answered, but definately not closing it. It is the primary detriment on this forum that I have noticed as long as I have been here.

I hope you understand my views and can take them into consideration for the good of the forums.

Thank you for reading,


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  • MTA Team

well, i don't agree, for a simple reason, most locked threads are already answered somewhere else. People don't search the forums, instead they open a new thread and often in the wrong place. We just lock em and when we do we either tell them the answer or we tell them where to find it. We can't help all the n00bs that r trying experimetal software, we just let them know that they have to use search next time.

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lol ransom has a good idea there ;)

And for another reason, people like, for example Ransom, hang aorund these boards a lot and have been here a while, now I dont know who influenced it and im not going to try and guess who (as im sure some of the mods are too blame too ;) ) but it seems to become a habit that when someone ask's a question thats been asked a thousand times again and again, that it officially make the thread, a n00b flaming thread, if I wanted I could search the new threads for the past week and find endless examples to prov ehtat right, but im not going too, so instead of letting it start, we jusat close and let die, I mean sure some threads might not be flamed, but were not willing to take that chance.

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oh well, since im probably the #1 culprit of locking threads, they can still access the thread after its locked, and once the definative answer is given, its just wasting space - blokker said it best =)


:arrow: Thread... j/k ;-P

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Here i speak for myself,the reason i dont delete them is

1.Because then people will lose post count,not that bad really but it depends on the thread if it needs to be deleted or not.

2.If i was to delete a thread instea of giving it a answer,pointing it to the solution,poiting him to another thread discusing the same topic ,or pointing him to the manual,faq or forum rules then i would have to pm that person(s) to tell them why their thread got deleted and maybe to tell them where to get the answer ( more work for us mods) ,and by not deleting it i leave the thread there so other people that have the same question/consurn can look at it there, they might not be abel to post but the thread would have most likely been closed with something asked a million times ( meaning do a search) ,that is against the forum rules( read the rules) this topic is beeing discussed somewhere else( point them to that thread),or telling them the answer is in the manual/faq .

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