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[HELP] MTA Mapping Editor



Alright, so lately I am wondering - where can I find a wall for my interior mapping. I mean, I have seen a lot of mappings with such interiors, such as these:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UKm5wtk ... r_embedded

...and many more. I wonder, where can they get those objects? I tried searching around google and as well as in the MTA map editor it self, but couldn't find one. Could somebody help me please? Where can I get those kind of walls, it would be a great help for me.

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  • MTA Team

The first video's objects are not custom as far as I can see and you can get them easily. The second video.. those are custom and you have to ask the owner of the modifications (probably the maker of the video).

Look for objects with names "office" and such, you get a lot of objects from that word for example.

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