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I tried joining the Offical server at and for some reason when i use "RoadApples" it says Banned: Speed Hacks. Well I've never downloaded/installed and/or edited any of my files. I have no idea as to why the name was banned.

Is there an email or admin contact because there has been a mistake.


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The person who said you were flying was a reputable source that is why I posted. I admitted in my first post that I didn't see you personally.

I never accuse anyone I am not sure of, If they said you were cheating i would ignore it, I hear it all the time. But flying makes it easy to spot a cheater. If the person who accused you wants to post he can feel free. He is an active forum member but I won't name him.

but you are right without him posting my first post was hearsay and I shouldn't have posted it. I apologize for my first post.

It was unfair of me to accuse you because I don't have proof and since I am wrong to accuse you i will ignore the flame you just posted because it's prolly justified

for the record thou

You were clearly targeting me in the game but I killed you more than you killed me even thou you had a ping advantage (higher ping)

If I am a noob at this game then we are all noobs and I challenge anyone who reads this to try and prove me wrong. This is the first and only time I have accused someone in error. I will be even more careful next time and again apples I am sorry, to the core

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