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Cmon modders, i kno you guys work hard, but everytime i check this website (mtavc.com) i see nothing new, always the old stuff, lets get an update patch or play something different, its getting played out! hardly anyone is on ASE now! we need an update!

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we are working hard and if you lookat just a few news posts ago you'd see that...

we haven't updated any counters because a lot of what we are doing now is exerimental, meaning we don't want to promise it until we test it...

And last time I checked there were still people playing hte mod :-P

have fun w/ it, let us work..

btw. the next release will be supporting GTA3 as well (if all goes ok)


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btw. the next release will be supporting GTA3 as well (if all goes ok)

So, that means when we open up the client we can choose what game we want to run instead of having 2 different clients?

Also..if I'm asking to much, just ignore this, but any idea of some experimental game modes you're working with? :)

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bLo0dD, if you make your own multiplayer mod then you can get it finished at YOUR own pace. (Then see how LONG it takes!!!)

:roll: so nice for eachother

whyu guys hatin on me cuz of wut i wrote

im not sayin they're takin long

im jus sayin give us some updates or something cuz based on the website, other ppl must think that it died out considered they're are not even screenshots for upcoming release, or even a feature lsit, or something to tell us what they have been working on

i kno mta works really hard, i jus want to kno what they've been upto the last couple months, thats all

all u ppl here on mta forums dont even read wut ppl say and flame ppl for no reason, you ppl need a life (not naming any names, NoReason)

for others who understood wut i wuz trying to say, thx for having a life

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The watched pot never boils.

What good is it to you if the progress bar moves from 75% to 76%?

I for one like that they do what they say and don't promise the world and deliver shite, except screenshots and crummy captures of people getting off bikes that you can't play.

not talking about anyone specifically there just thinking out loud.


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O. K., here is the deal:

1. I don't want having THAT type of life, mr. bLo0dD.

2. The progress bar DID move - from 10 to 20 % on GTA3.

3. It would still be good if the new verision is finished before Christmas.

4. And 4: I also think that the updating situation is bad now - we don't even know what they are doing at all. My only hope in this situation is that one day, then I check back, the counters will be not on 10, but on 85 %. I mean, i don't care if the counters aren't updated as long as then they are, they will be on over 80 %. :wink:

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you should just forget about it , The version u got now is the last 1, play it and if ur lucky 1 day they may update it, U dont like waiting ?? make a time machine. Loadsa ppl still play this mod and even more havnt heard of it !

So instead of complaining about things spread the word and get even more ppl involved in the mta community ;)

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