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All men are equal. (But some are more equal than others)

Guest Snoop_Catty_Cat

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Beware the cheats, the pompous, the hackers. I have arrived, I have eyes and ears everywhere. You will be shamed. MTA is GOD, The MTA Watchdog is here to protect and reveal.


Moderators: My apologies for the apparent double post. I feel i may have posted in an innapropriate forum the first time.

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Does Iggy have dial up? No. Iggy is innocent.


Do not joke about Iggy or ransom, ransom can not take it. Ransom has lost his sense of humor, it's gone. Do not bother putting a :lol: at the end of your post because Ransom will ignore it.

Shake it off man, this is supposed to be fun, it's not the fuck ing UN

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I want to propel the man of mystery thing, check blasta, ransom has outted me as an mta loser this gives me something to do :lol::lol::lol:

I have a theory thou

people's exibit 1

lol, watchdog is someone we all know, but its not pusher.


peoples exibit 2

Does Iggy have dial up? No. Iggy is innocent.

hmm, still examining the evidence

It is clearly someone who posted here before, It's not Pusher, Iggy, or Deathb certainly.....

Only the real culprit would know who was innocent for sure, right?

the plot thinkens

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A. I don't

Q. Does Kungfu post way too much? LOL He is catching up to me!

Never, I called myself that

I said you outted me as a loser.


Did you catch this in my quote. " :lol::lol::lol: "

lighten up buttercup, I was joking, If I am ever really offended in here you will know.

If I am ever really offended in here I should be drawn and quartered.


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