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Object Scale Fixed


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The Object Scale should be fixed, the object that has been upscaled, has areas in which you can walk through. It appears as if it's just making the objects image bigger, that is it.

And when you downsize an object, parts around the object are invisible and block you from walking. It appears as if it's the making the objects image smaller, but no the model itself.

Would be a great update.

Edit: When downsizing the model should downsize too, not just the image, same goes for up-sizing

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  • MTA Team

This could be toggleable in my opinion. Some race mappers would like this to happen and some mapping in general, so I think the function structure could look like this.

bool removeWorldModel ( int modelID, float radius, float x, float y, float z [, int interior = 0, bool collisions = false ] ) 

However, you should suggest this over at the Bug Tracker, that's the only way they will pay attention to this.

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