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wtf are you talking about... Who the hell is moaning? Im not complaining im simply stating that they have competition now. I am very thankful that they made this game but now there is competion. Dont flame people unless you know what the hell your talking about.

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Although I normally do not respond to posts like this, you had a blatent call out for things that we have that the gtaT video did not.

Can we say weapons? .... One of the most important things, besides driving, in GTA is shooting people. I am not saying they won't have it, I am sure quite the opposite, but how about you think before you speak.

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  • MTA Team

Remember, gtaT is like 25 steps behind because they're using the 'walk-to-point' method.. the last time we used that was in May-July of this year, and we just abandoned this method because it was simply causing too much undersyncing, as you can read in our website archive.

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