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Voting idea for the new scripts being created


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  • MTA Team

Games run by scripts could be used 24/7 as long as the people could vote on the type of game they want. I suggest having a vote after each game.


Vote for next game type:

!DM - Death Match

!TDM - Team Death Match

!MH - Man Hunt

?? - Any other new game scripts in the future

This way voting can be used without players starting the votes themselves during the game (thus interupting the current game), and also stops them from being would-be vote start spammers.

A tie would result in a random choice between the two or more tied for the most votes.

I suspect many new game scripts to be made in the future and this would be a great way to automatically switch between them.

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  • MTA Team


Maybe have deathmatch until more than x amount of players join the game. Thats why I also mentioned that a tie = random pick. Surely there would be quite a few ties.


The only problem is kick abusers. Maybe an auto-team script based on kills? Of course the first game would be random, but the results would then set up the teams evenly for the next game.

I'm pretty sure a full or almost full server could handle this idea and use it effectively.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Thats a very good idea ransom, I hadn't thought beyond getting the tool ready for release and the creation of the scripts it can run. We shall look into it.
Tool? What tool would this be? :lol:

Is it just a device for allowing people to switch between the SCM's they have? If so, people with different SCM's would create problems. Would it only support scripts distributed with the MTAVC project itself, then?

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