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My video file wont compress :(

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Hunter, sounds like to me your vid is already compressed, and your just trying to change the file type. Basicly the only program that i know that will do this is one out there called like "All to Mpg" or something like that. Just search the web for "WMV to MPG conversion". If your file is 70 something megs make sure you zip or rar it because thats a really big video, especially if its your first. Most people don't mind the file type being .wmv and its not gonna compress much more then it already is, so i would recommend just zipping that beast and giving us a link :wink:

Good luck


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If your file is 70 something megs make sure you zip or rar it because thats a really big video, especially if its your first

No - compressed video = compressed. There is no point compressing a compressed video with winzip or winrar.

and its not gonna compress much more then it already

No - You can get VERY small files with WMV you just have to set the correct encoding rate. It tells you the bitrates so if your file is too big then re-encode at a lower bitrate. That's how it works...

WMV files cannot be re-encoded one you have made you final encoding. Mircosoft don't allow it (Yes, I know there are way around this, but in general for the general public, you may not re-encode a WMV file). You'll have to set the windows movie maker to make your file heavily compressed before you render it. The video encoding tutorial in the forums doesn't cover WMV compression only AVI's.

It's a good idea to stay well away from WMV as I've worked with it a lot and have found that it produces CRAP image quality compared to DivX or XviD codec.

With a file of 70MB I hope it's 35 minutes long because that's how much you could easily encode into a file that size... The video I'm making at the moment is going to be about 2mb per minute with sound. Sounds small but it's very watchable.

Aim to a small as possible file size as most people will only watch the videos once or twice. Personally I think it's insane to download 70MB for a video a couple of minutes long. I still cringe at files that are 15-20 MB when I see the visual quality of them. They are of poor quality because they where not encoded right.

I saw one today at 15MB for 3 minutes and the quality of that was that of a file 7x smaller!!! It looked like a sloppy biscuit on acid...

Remember 70MB on a 56k could take up to 3 hours to download. Would you wait for that??? :roll:

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Would you do that with a 56k modem though?

If you're going to upload videos for people to watch you should at least make an effort to make a video for them to download that won't take hours to download.

A good solution, which many people do, is to have a large and a small version available. That way if you're the kind of person who like that high quality then you have the option to download it and if you're a 56k'er then you can download the smaller version. :wink:

BUT, what I have found is even the 'high' quality ones are of CRAP image quality and they might aswell be reduced in size... (Some look like they have been encoded using a low bitrate and then re-encoded to a larger bitrate)

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Well I guess you're right that's not so hard to make a big and a small version, especially if it's a very long video becuase in that case you can dl the small first to see if it's good.

The MTA video was actually my first video encoded into divx ever. I prefer mpg since no codecs are needed and most of the times you get very good quality.

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