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what is cudda?

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Cudda World is a map mod for Vice City. You should only

use it on servers that explicitly allow it (and there are several that do).

Using it on othere servers may lead to confusion as you could appear

to be floating to users that don't have the new surfaces.

That said, it does enhance stunt mode alot. You can get it here:

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Actually, playing on a stunt server with a bunch of Cudda world players

is *much* more stable than playing unmodded on any DM server, so I don't

think map mods affect MTA stability at all. Handling.cfg mods dont seem to affect

stability either. I can go for hours without any crashes in stunt mode.

What affects MTA stability are trainers and scm file mods. Those have a huge

effect on stability and is why DM crashes alot.

CW is a HUGE improvement of the play value in stunt mode, which

is the reason for its exploding popularity.

I don't see what difference it would make good or bad in DM mode.

Additional surfaces don't give you any more advantage than alt-tab.

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By definition, it's not cheating if it is permitted by the server admin. The developers may

not like it, but games are often played by different rules than intended by the manufacturer.

When players and admins agree on an alternate set of rules, following those rules

cannot be considered cheating. It's really not a hard concept to grasp. Have

you ever agreed to play Scrabble with a different set of rules than are on

the box lid? Does that make you a cheater? Of course not.

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thedev pretty much has it, we dont want you to use mods, but as ive said before, if the server allows it we cant do much about it

anyway, cudda's world is for people that can't stunt for s**t! =P

ever seen a really great stunt vid using cudda's world? - no, they are all done using a clean mta install, and look great!

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There really is nothing wrong with it as long as you don't use it to cheat. People crash if they ride with the person on a modded section. Unmodded, I have not crashed as a result of other people using map mods (Only when I am riding passenger with them and they are on a modded part of the level aka I'm floating). A map mod doesn't give the user any sort of advantage whatsoever. It is not like they are spawning a minigun. If you ask me, I think that you guys are just trying to find something to blame for your crashes.

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a map mod DOES GIVE PLENTY OF ADVANTAGES!!! especially in stunt mode. they have more jumps.... u need more to comprehend?

and in dm. others will think your "flying". this brings great confusion. u can escape being rammed by a car if u "jump" over it and that will be unfair.

question has been answered, end of subject

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