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Ehhh? Is this BS to you? Stunt Forums...

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:arrow: First Read This: :arrow:


(Its like they never seen a stunt video b4... a 540º good?)

(*I had a blank spot on there showing the link to http://www.mtavc.com (near top where the blank line is under the & symbol) and at the bottom it had andyroososoft and http://www.thegamersalliance.com link. *look at the bottom of the site for this one*)

:arrow: Now Read This:

(I decide to show em some real shit :lol: j/k..)

http://forum.gtaxtreme.com/index.php?ac ... entry17069

:arrow: This is what I get Responded....: (FROM PM)

Quote From: naughty by nature

"The Board rules say that no advertising is allowed. i edited your post once, and let it go, you then went and re-edit your post to put the advertisments once again. do not do this again. read the rules."

(thats understandable right?)

:arrow: I decide to respond that I was just giving credit where credit was due for hosting my sites.. I wasn't tryin to do nothing really promotional for em. & I wondered why I couldn't have em on there & that I am sorry for the 2nd edit putting them back in... also that I understand the rules...

(I think they are a**-holes in my opinion)

:arrow: I get another one: (FROM PM)

Quote From: naughty by nature

"yeah, you give credit, but links to their sites is advertising for them. i know it is harsh, but they are not my rules, and have to be enforced.

Credit can be just through posting who it was that did it, and seeing as Androoysoft is a member here, a link to his site is unneccessary."

Ehh..? Um maybe I am the one who is wrong.. I could care less if they ban me or anything I just would like to see what u guys think? If I am the one doing wrong thats ok *I understand that its there rules...* I am just gonna leave their forums..* My fault* :oops::wink::twisted:

(after all this bs *to me* makes me see how kool u people are :thumbleft: ) :wink:

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Lbtrw, thanks for getting TGA's back bro. That shows alot about you. Your not gonna let your friends down when they aren't around. I am going to go leave my own little mark on there forums :twisted:. If they think a 540 is bad as hell... i think maybe we should just let them keep stunting in there own little forum, they are no where near our level. Even the worst video i have ever seen has contained better stunts then that.

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Lbtrw, thanks for getting TGA's back bro. That shows alot about you. Your not gonna let your friends down when they aren't around.

Word. Thanx LBtrw. You know TGA always got your back too :) Now time to put down the smackdown on some lame moderators. lol

Did they really do a 540, i just can't believe that, unless they were cheating of course. :lol:

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I always found it easiest, that if you dont like the forum ,its easier to just leave. It just seems those guys havent seen a stunt vid from you guys

oh well - hopefully they will take what they have seen and do better, like we all did when we saw decan & Hateme (dont deny it, they did it first =)

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wow what the hell is wrong with them????? I dont even know how, if u could honestly say u have stunted in vc, u could think a 540 is good... The first time i ever tried stunting im sure i got better than that... Wow, see this is why we gotta put andys forum on the map.

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