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Check it out :arrow: :arrow: VC STUNTING VIDEOS AND TRICKS FORUM! :twisted:

Ok, this forum IM TALKIN ABOUT used to not be such a success because of it being hard to read stuff on it, and not having alot of information on stunting for Vice City. Well..... now it does! :shock::shock:

I just recently put sum more stuff in that u might find useful. Only thing i want u guys to do is quickly become a member of the forum, as it's extremely important that u post ur feedback!! :wink:

We have information on grinding, and loads of new sweetspots that AMPT are finding! We don't care much about competition nemore, all is welcome!! 8)

NJOY :!::!::!::!:

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Well what we need is a forum dedicated to stunting. I have no clue why the MTA forum was adopted to post our stunt vids when half of the vids are not even MTA stunt vids. If we all start using this stunting forum it will benefit us all because it will give a place were only stunting is involved. That way, if you want stunting u go there. If you want killing pics, or gang war vids you come here.

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i dunno how many times ive been asked bout this stuff:

1: I'll change the colors to sumthin a little more easier to read. Though i personally have no problems with it :S

2: Fuk, i've already been asked this hundreds of times. I like the forum the style it is! (just, again, ill chage the colors)

3: So..... how do the advertizements hurt ur judgment on the forum? At least there isnt a pop-up like every 2 seconds.

4: Who cares about the font size??? :P

5: I decided to make it so a person has to register to view the forums cuz i got bout 100 hits on one topis, and yet there were still only bout 4 members. Now that I've made it this way, more people r replying to the topics and registering as users. It's really quick - just takes like 10 seconds, u just gotta confirm it on ur e-mail. then come back to the forum and make it so ur alwayz logged onto it. That way u wont have to worry about it!

6: Even though the style, hoster and colors rnt wut u guys want, i know that the content is!

l8er :P - njoy the forum!


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