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MTA in PC-Gameplay !!! (02/12/2003 @ 15:28 CET) by TermNL


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most gamers mag's include a CD with demos on it, more and more are switching to demo DVD's (which sucks sence my DVD Rom Broke down), anyways they use Demo DVD's because there is lots more room for demo's, and one demo on that dutch DVD is obviously MTA :)

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That article sucks!

They made it in one minute.

They add some screenshots who you can find on the MTA website.

Rockstar didn't forget there multiplayer!

the problem was with GTA3 that they hadn't that much time to make it.

They found out that it isn't that easy!

If U watch to the GTA3 pictures with a GTA3 image browser you can find a GameSpy logo and other multiplayer logo and picture stuff.

MTA isn't a deserted land, when you start it the action is very good.

Anyway the article is good for the MTA community! :wink:

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for say, £2000 i will streak across the pitch in the F.A Cup Final (UK Footy) with MTA written on my chest and the site on my ass :D of course u'll have to cover the costs of any fines i pick up, but hey u'll be on all the newspapers and news with it ;)

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