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unpacking vc .exe files


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Mr. Bill you SHOULD close this as it's talking about breaking R*'s VC's EULA.

By law you're not allowed to reverse engineer/unpack/decompile the games exe file.

YES - THIS IS A 'TAG' (tad :wink: ) ILLIGAL!

Never happened.

Especially since [MV]Alex3305 has started to hint on the warez side of things, this thread is starting to become naughty. :cry:VERY BAD BEHAVIOUR OF A MODERATOR!!! I hope the MTA team is happy with you talking about warez... You're supposed to be stopping this warez talk, [MV]Alex3305, instead of instigating talk about it.

Why does Chewd even have any reason to decompile the exe? Unless you're going to do something you shouldn't be doing in the first place?

The game runs fine as it is doesn't it?

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