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MTA in a gamemagazine for the first time.

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Well hi guys.This morning I bought the gamemagazine PC Gameplay(it is a Belgian magazine) and what do you think i saw?Yes I saw MTA:VC in it.As far as i know this is quiet nice :D

To me this means that you guys belong to the top of the modmakers.

Once i have time I will translate the article and put it here so you guys can read the good comments about your mod.The magazine even published your mod on there cd.So if there is still anyone who isn't convinced read it(when i translated it :D )

GOOD JOB guys keep preform such a great stunt


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oh! thats great news! cant wait to read that article! :D

but there is one thing though.....

the next text was taken from the licence agreement:

You may distribute this software on on-line services, bulletin boards, or other electronic media provided that it is not modified and the original package remains intact with all accompanying files included, and provided that no fee is charged. This software may not be distributed on cd-rom, dvd-rom, disk, or other physical media for a fee without the permission of the author, which is the MTA Team.

u sayd that u got a cd with it right? illigal.

[EDIT]oh wait... hold it... the cd is free?

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Hmm, interesting.

But yes, scan is for us (the original) as well as translate it. It is not the first time that we have been in a magazine, but I believe it is the first time that our mod has been included on a CD.

Scan us and let us see! :P

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