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Christmass Photosession

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Hi all ! I see that many pps still visiting this forum and site, so mta still be popular for gta sa fans, and i would like to ask u if u like to do christmass photosession event ? in our russian speaking mta community - we do it each year on final days of december - all russian clans enter some big server and stay on prepared possitions and use freese, so 1 of them take photos (screenshots) and it go to history xD here i can show u examples of our photosessions:

photosession 2006 http://vk.com/feed#/album-10350023_98670249

photosession 2007 http://vk.com/feed#/album-10350023_166294895

photosession 2008

(best video ever)

photosession 2009


if we get 50+ players that like to participate it - mta international photosession will be done in final of december.


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