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Game always crashing

Guest evilskull

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Next time try a search button. *from what I hear they do great things.*

Anyways, you need to tell us a little information in order for us to help you out.

Ex: What Operating System do you run? What Version of GTA:VC u running, 1.0 or 1.1? Have you read the manual? (for mta .2.2)

Do you have any files modded? Is your copy of Vice City lagiminiate? & can you make good dinners because I am hungry! :roll:

If you could please just answer these questions or maybe some more to give us a little more help on finding your problem. :wink:

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Thanks I read that thing and it doesn't have the answer to another problem I have. When I start up the game I'm able to play for a few seconds then I'm able to play but everyone else is frozen andI can't play

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