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Whats better


Whats better?  

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  1. 1. Whats better?

    • Vice City
    • True Crime

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You will not get accurate results with a poll like this since, well, as you stated this is a place for GTA fans to be, and second True Crime is not a PC product, so how can we possibly rate it (considering the majority here are heavy PC users)

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Yeah Cray is right but . Even though VC is getting old I still say it is the best game out there . Because there is not so many games out there that you can : shoot , fly , drive , use boats. and other stuff ...

In other games you can only do one of these . Like Flight Simulator (fliying) or MotoGP (Bikes) . VC has it all in one single game . And i think that's what makes it special :D .

SO ... GO Grand Theft Auto ! ! ! :D:wink:

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