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You finally got me with this video!

Guest Pablo Escobar

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...but not in the way you think now.

Useually i am not posting in forums cause all that nerds who already doing this, thoose pussies, all time whing and never think about all work that have to be done... (also the most mod-teams [i mean all of them not only MTA team] still have a lot to learn in marketing terms... but thats not why i am writing you)

Is about this MTA Trailer...

What Echrome has done there is more than whack I am not only saying thats it is whack i gonna tell you why :wink: :

1. That Song!

its pain in the ears... really bad early 90´s commercial tekkno pop!

There is so many music fitting better to a GTA mod why this?

2. Cutting

there is no action in the movie beside driving and stunt action...

Action not only comes with what is happing it also depends on how it happens and how you present it!

3. Szenes!

Airport, Red Light District and the ParkingGarage in Staunton again and again.

Phuuh boring i´d wish to see more driving action and drive by shooting, not only jumping over ramps!

... i could tell you more about that if you´r interested.

At top of my post i complained those whining pussies... now i seem to be one by myself, but nope wait a min. ... 8)

I want you guys (MTA-team) to offer my help if you need someone who makes you a nice video (i wont be the best but many times better that that) or some music just let me know!

Sorry for my lag of english language.

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i could think of heaps of great tracks to put in, but thats ok for now

there is no shooting in 0.3a, and as for driving, considering no peds and that are syncd is kinda stupid

actors? - you can only control one player - and i dont think missions are enabled in 0.2a

the jumps are the best part of the game in mp so far - they rock for screenies =)

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But you cant tell me that it is all about the Jumps...

and plz rember i dont mention the gameplay or the game itself!

It is just a offer to make a video or a song for 0.3 or behind

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nonono - its not a flame - its obvious your comments are constructive.

I was always a sucker for MK =) - but everyone could think of that "perfect" tune to drop.

but when you can only drive cars its quite hard to do much more than jumps and just random driving =)

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Ok, first let me clear some stuff up with you Guys, all i had to work with was the crazy jumps movie... Thats all i had, i dont even have GTA3!!! I jsut offered to do you guys a trailor. So i took the crazy jumps movie, overlayed some titles and crap. I asked him what kind of song i should use, and he said find something techno, yes i know the music sucks, but if you guys will give me some good ideas for music, i will HAPPILY redo the video. Im really sorry but theres only so much you can do when you only have a 50 second tape to work with.... Anyway, check out our other videos speciffically our GTA-3 video, thats pretty good (And that is GTA3 for the PS2, not for the PC, so dont say that i lied about not having it)

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Download it form Kazaa, but delete it after exploring it. Violating copyright is a crime. I downloaded GTA3, and after I saw that I like it, I bought it. ;)

BTW. For the trailer; do a hard song. Like Sevendust, or Foo Fighters, blah blah blah

FOO FIGHTERS - kung fu fighting

what could be better? :D

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