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Your own MTA Server Status Icon? (29/11/2003 @ 21:14 CET)


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You′ve probably already noticed the server status icons on the Official Game Servers page, this is done by a simple script and it will give a live status of the server being specified.

Now you can place your own status icon on your webpage, just by placing an image on your site linking to: where the ()′s have to be replaced with your server information.

An example of our new texas2.wojjie.net (port 2003) server:

Placing the following (HTML) code on your site:


Will result in the following image:


Placing the following (HTML) code on your site, specifying a server that does not exist:


Will result in the following image:


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Yeah I definitely see this one being pointed at wartech... :-k :


(its one of those subliminal messages...) :drinking:

I think Iggy was referring to this stuff: :P





I think there are more, but I those are the ones I can find. Also check out the official Wall of Fake at http://www.mtavc.com/wof.php and IJs' sweet maktunes at http://www.mtavc.com/mak.php. :D

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