2003 MTA Lowrider Competition -Server Infomation

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Do you have lowrider skills? Well here is your change to show them off.I will be hosting the First Annual MTA Lowrider Competition.

Server Infomation:

Server Ip:

Server Name: 2003 MTA Lowrider Competition

Public: Yes

Players: 22

All-Seeing Eye: Enabled

See You all there on Wednesday.


There will be 30 seconds per player for there turn to show off , Two players go at the same time . I (maybe anohter person) will be the judge in this competition.


I will be hosting the server, i have 1.5Mbit cable Line, so lagg shouldn't be a big problem. The server will be active in time for the competition.


The competition Starts at December 4, 2003 at 9:00 Central time ( , Time Converter )


-There will be no Jacking or hitting cars in competition.

-No Foul Talking

-No getting the in way of lowrider well competing.

-No Useing Mods or Tweaking of the Lowrider.( I will use Fraps and record every second)

If you want to watch, all is welcome just fellow the rules please.

Note:Failed to fellow these rules will get kick/ban for the server and disqualified from the competition.

How to Join:

Just Reply back saying " I Join " and you are in. Failer to show up on time will get you disqualified from the competition. Please put you MTA user name to please.

Ex. I Join , SM-DJ GTA



I have no prizes for the competition, but maybe the admins for moderators will do something for you guys.


Out of 30 marks

-Height/Bounce, 10 Marks

-Style, 10 Marks

-Originality, 10 Marks

=Total 30 marks

**Players Signed Up:







So get practicing and see you next week.

All the infomation might change will out notice.

* Means it been updated

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k not to bash or anything, but isnt lowdriders just like, one button?

but you know if people actually know how to do things with those cars it'd be nice.

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I think you should change the date to the weekend instead of wednesday since there will be probably be alot of people who can't join because of that. I want to but cant becasue accroding to the timeconverter that would be like 12:30 pm here.

I think that the cars are controlled with 3 or 4 buttons but im not sure.

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The reason its on wednesday is that i have to work all weekend so i won't have time. i change the time to 9:00 clock if that helps.

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Well thanks hehe. But I forgot to add one thing, I dont understand how that timeconverter works. I get the same time when i have converted it and i have unchecked "Use current date/time".

Anyway you dont need to change anything because of me I was just curious why you didn't choose the weekend instead and know I know why :)

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well it's 7 pm here which means it's 9 there and im trying to join the server but it's not up so ill try later.

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well it's 7 pm here which means it's 9 there and im trying to join the server but it's not up so ill try later.

Same with me :?

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wow my friend was joing to host it for me because he has better internet. i tried to phone him but got no answer... Sorry it will be on tommorrow then same time if that is ok?

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I didnt even know lowriders where in MTA where they located?

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