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Start Game Button Disappearing??

Guest DaveEllis

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When using All Seeing Eye I click connect to game.....and when ASE connects in the MTA client it disappears and I can't start the game.

I am behind a Firewall (stupid linksys) but I have opened ports 2000-2005 so I'm not sure whats wrong.

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I installed Vice City yesterday so its definitely not modded or changed in any way.

Could it be the firewall?

I can connect to MOHAA..just have problem sconnecting to MTA..

If I enter the IP Directly into the MTA client....it times out with every server I try.

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NOOOOOOOO!!! ,dont change your game to compatiblity 98 or ME MTA isnt compatible with them.

Ok so you say your behind a firewall, and with 2000 - 2005 i think u mean the ports in between too ,if thats the case try turning your firewall or router off, one at a time ,then of course both if still needed , so you can check if it is really one of them or if its somethign else,and like someone already said download MTA again and try to install it with the new installer.

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I've redownloaded the Installer and reinstalled MTA. I followed all of the instructions in the "First Time User" guide.

When I try to connect to a server the MTA Client says "Connecting" then the MTA client just closes. The start game button never becomes available.

Thank You, all help is appreciated.

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