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[HELP]with a gamemode



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1) Unzip the 'basicrp.zip' with 7zip or WinRar.

2) Move the 'acl.xml' and 'mtaserver.conf' into your deathmatch folder, let them replace the ones you are using.

3) Move the 'brp...' folders into your resources folder.

4) Start the server.

5) Set yourself as a 'Server Owner' in the 'acl.xml' by first making your account in-game and then adding the below code to the group.

<object name="user.USERNAMEHERE"></object> 

Should work after a restart.


Secondly, the gamemode is no longer supported. I am currently making a new version of this gamemode, so if you notice any bugs, then you have to wait and see the next gamemode.

Also, commands can be checked from the lua -files from the 'brp...' folders.

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