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Ajutor- Bind key!


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Deci, am un script vehicle-system, dar functiile "park" si "handbrake" nu au bind key, trebuie activate/dezactivate prin comanda. Am incercat sa le pun eu bind key dar nu am gasit functia potrivita. A-si fii recunoscator daca cineva ar putea sa imi dea codul complet.

P.S: Nu sunt scripter! Nu stiu prea multe in scripting.

for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do 
            bindKey(v, "j", "down", toggleVehicleEngine) 
            bindKey(v, "l", "down", toggleVehicleLights) 
            bindKey(v, "k", "down", toggleVehicleLock) 
            bindKey(v, "h", "down", triggerEmergencyLights) 
        outputServerLog("[VEHICLES] [AUTO/SPAWN] All vehicles spawned as the resource started.") 
        outputServerLog("[VEHICLES] [AUTO/BIND] All players binded with vehicle commands.") 
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", cRoot, 
        bindKey(source, "j", "down", toggleVehicleEngine) 
        bindKey(source, "l", "down", toggleVehicleLights) 
        bindKey(source, "k", "down", toggleVehicleLock) 
        bindKey(source, "h", "down", triggerEmergencyLights) 

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