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GTA VC used for more than gaming

Guest Drunk_Driver

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I was on a public server and could not believe 3 people discussing their copied versions of GTA VC, I mentioned i had a legit copy and felt they should not advertise the fact they were using copies , only to be harrassed off the server.

The 2 name's i remember were Red_Spider and Lime_Spider..

They abused most people on the server not just me...and yes for some reason no-one could kill them..

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Ponch, are you really from New Zealand?? If so, where? I visited there for 2 months last year and loved it! We did the northern most tip to the southern most tip, and almost everything inbetween!

Yep, I'm from Christchurch / New Zealand

So what did Drunk_Driver want us to do about these naughty VC pirates?

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Well yes it is stupid as why people have to warez this game(one of the best games out there) suporting the developers of this game would give them abbilitie to make more better games ( more $ for them means more $ to make better games for us)

But since with this post nothign really can be acomplished ill lock it.


:arrow: LOCKED

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