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Replacing a roadtrain


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Hey, I have downloaded a few versions of the "coca cola christmas truck" for GTA and they have all come with just a txd for the roadtrain.

The trailer is working fine, that had a dff and a txd, but all it says is to replace the TXD file for the truck

    coke = engineLoadTXD ( "vehicles/train.txd", 515 ) 
    engineImportTXD ( coke, 515 ) 

what do you think?

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addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, 
        txd = engineLoadTXD ( "vehicles/train.txd" ) 
        engineImportTXD ( txd, 515) 

    <script src="train.lua" type="client" /> 
    <file src="vehicles/train.txd" type="client"/> 

Change the path and file name in

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