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Need scripters who know vG scripts and can make brand new.


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Hi Looking for scripting again i need someone that know roleplay scripts I mean like the vG or Twin Gold script witch everone you want to name i will pay 20$ a Week you are welcome to stay on the server as an Head Admin we are looking for scripting that can add on to the scripts and make new ones.. If You have never seen rp script such as vG or anything else please do not add me asking 2 script because thoses script are alot different from alot of script trust me i have had scripters telling me they never seen this harder then most script if you would please make sure you know the rp scripts it would help alot easyer... So Please get back at me asap Saying when we can start add me on skype DO NOT MESSAGE ME ON MTA Accounts please i will not respond just add me on skype thank you PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ROLEPLAY SCRIPTS VG AND TWIN GOLD Please Or If You don't but think you can script it then sure hit me up but like i said please have some Knowlegale of roleplay scripts :D Thanks And Make sure to add me on skype

skype: agame2821

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