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Windows 98

Guest Bolto Soravek

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Ok i got windows 98 i don,t really want to upgrade, i don,t got da money or the time and i met a few other people who have this problem aswell so i am asking you please to make the next MTA VC version compatible with windows 98 and other versions please . :D:o

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@ Bolto Soravek :

Its not cause win 98 is obsolette that the team doesnt want to make a 98 compatible version ,its cause the differencees between 98/me and 2k/xp are to big and it woud be hard to do, more explanation is somewhere else on this forum,please do a search .

@curly :

Dont give an answer if you dont know the reason, if you cant help then dont, let it to people that do know the answer.

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That doesn't make any gramatical sense...

But I think what he's trying to say is: The differences between 98 and 2k is big.

I recon DgtaDude should find someone with 98 (I believe there's millions around the world) and install the server and see if it works if he want's to know before he goes and spends his money...

Tell you what, I'll install the server on my 98 machine at home and check for you if you want... I mean hey it'll only take like 2 mins to find the answer.

At least you'll have an answer DgtaDude... will post answer later today or tomorrow... :wink:

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no we will not do it because it is obsoleat (this means that it is 5 years out of date)

Holy crap, from telling me to STFU to speaking on behalf of the MTA team it's obvious you really think you run this place huh?

Why don't you leave this adult work for the grown ups... snotty 12 year old boys are supposed to be playing baseball or spying on girls. And if you're not 12 years old, maybe stick to your school books cause your grammar and spelling need a lot of work.

STFU yourself bud... off topic is better than filling our screens with YOUR useless drivel.

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Ok well i understand the difference, but if you can make it compatible with win 98 i would be so happy and if ya needed a favour on it i could probely help yas, but please try and do it, Vice City is one of the best games ever to come out and now that you the MTA Team has made it multiplayer that makes it rock better that it ever done, so plese try and do it thanks :wink:

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